The impact of the pandemic and the social and economic consequences it brought with it have caused companies to redesign the way they incorporate talent into their businesses.

It used to be that a resume and cover sheet were the most important things when it came to hiring a candidate.

Where they had studied, years of experience and demographic traits were the main issues to evaluate when a person applied for a position.

Today, things have changed radically and companies are weighing a candidate’s technical and soft skills more heavily over more subjective aspects that lead to biases conscious and unconscious biases when making decisions.

According to a recent study by McKinsey, companies have recognized that competency-based practices are a powerful solution to the challenges that have intensified since the pandemic.

They also comment that employers are determined to get the best people for their most important vacancies by investing a lot of time in retaining them.

Upskilling and reskilling have been instrumental in retaining talent, significantly reducing the rate of turnover rate.

According to Mckinsey, through a competency-based approach, companies can increase the number and quality of candidates applying for open positions and can help workers find more opportunities for advancement, which can help employers improve retention.

At the same time, it empowers communities by creating more and better employment opportunities for a broader and more diverse set of workers, the study says.

Taking into account this new trend and seeking to improve its selection and hiring processes, aeros, experts in Google Cloud in Latin America, contracted Alkymetrics, the online assessment platform of Alkemy.

Today we tell you how they managed to evaluate more than 300 candidates quickly and efficiently with the online testing platform.

Transforming the way talent is onboarded in aerospace companies

Ornella Scarone
Project Manager at aeros, tells us that, by the end of October, they needed to evaluate the English skills of candidates for a Google training program.

They had more than 300 people to evaluate and were concerned about how they could save time on operational tasks to optimize the recruiters’ working hours.

They were looking for a platform that would allow them to know the real skills of candidates online, and also give them the ability to send communications and get the results in real time, so they could segment that list and move forward with the best candidates.

They learned about Alkymetrics through an Alkemy partner company and decided to get in touch to understand the scope of the solution.

They decided to move forward with the platform and began evaluating candidates in November.

“Alkymetrics allowed us to efficiently, quickly, reliably and securely assess 300 people at the same time. And thus optimize processes thanks to the implementation of Alkemy’s technology,” says Scarone.

The Alkymetrics Experience

Alkymetrics is an online screening platform that allows you to evaluate candidates by focusing on their actual skills, avoiding biases in the process and allowing you to make smarter hiring decisions based on data.

With Alkemy’s platform, companies can reduce hiring times, have access to an extensive library of tests to evaluate technical and soft skills, and select the best candidate from among all applicants.

Ornella recognizes that Alkymetrics “is a very easy-to-use platform, dynamic and streamlines the technical evaluation stage of people”.

Results with Alkymetrics

The decision to use Alkymetrics was based mainly on wanting to implement a digital solution that would allow them to have a more objective view of the candidates and thus avoid resorting to manual processes that make the selection process slower and less efficient.

Ornella assures that Alkymetrics provided them with an efficient, user-friendly and intuitive solution that favors aerospace scalability and qualified the experience as successful.

The Experience in Numbers

  • Customer: aeros
  • Alkymetrics contract date: November 2022
  • Persons invited to the test: 326
  • Number of tests performed in Alkymetrics: 260
  • 3 words that describe the platform: intuitive, user-friendly and scalable
  • Likelihood of recommending Alkemy: 100%
  • How they rate their experience with Alkemy: Successful