Say goodbye to biases.

Alkymetrics is a talent assessment software that will help you make hiring and training decisions easier, faster and scalable.

You will be able to search up to 5,000 candidates, evaluating all of them simultaneously and verifying their actual knowledge in the required technology.

Scalable skill validation platform

Spend time with the right people

Vet, rank and compare candidates based on their real skills using our over 200 online tests.
Spot the best performing people


Obtain objective data on candidates’ skills.


Align recruitment processes with objective data.

Benefits of Alkymetrics

Selection process

Hire the best IT talent based on real data and skills.


Implement the +200 online assessments to find out the knowledge of IT profiles.


Avoid identity theft with our proctoring.



Evaluate +5,000 IT profiles simultaneously and segment by test results.


Make your IT teams grow exponentially.


Send notifications to selected and rejected candidates from a single place in a massive and personalized way.

No cheating allowed!

Alkymetrics proctoring program is designed to provide candidates with fair opportunities allowing them to demonstrate their real capabilities.

The software is designed to detect several incidents that may occur during the evaluation process:

Incidents reported by proctoring can then be reviewed in the candidate tracking dashboard.

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