Transform the way IT talent is recruited.

Alkymetrics is an IT selection software that evaluates candidates’ technical and soft skills and scores them to help you prioritize the best candidates.

You will be able to search up to 5,000 candidates, evaluating all of them simultaneously and verifying their actual knowledge in the required technology.

Scalable skills validation.

Find the ideal candidate for the position by optimizing your evaluation and selection processes.

Alkymetrics lets you search and evaluate countless candidates using over 200 online evaluations available on the platform. With Alkymetrics, you can optimize your recruitment process by interviewing only the most qualified candidates for the job.


Obtain objective data on candidates’ skills.


Align recruitment processes with objective data.

What is proctoring?

At Alkemy, we’ve developed a proctoring program that serves as an anti-cheating mechanism. This program is designed to provide all job applicants with equal conditions and opportunities to showcase their skills and abilities.

The software detects incidents that may occur during the test.

Incidents reported by proctoring can then be reviewed in the candidate tracking dashboard.

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