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Generate unique learning moments for your employees thanks to our programs tailored to your needs.


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Applies state-of-the-art tools, methodologies and techniques in the industry to generate different trainings.

New leaders

It’s not everything about hard skills. Prepare your team to be great leaders.

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Alkemy is a specialist in technology profiles

A Job-Ready tech team

  • Boost the technical and soft skills of your IT team.
  • Train and reinforce tech skills for job-readiness profiles.

  • Encourage team building in your work teams.

  • Decrease the turnover rate in your IT teams.
  • Improve engagement indicators in your company.

  • Train your company’s future leaders.
  • Keep track of your teams’ growth through performance reports.

  • Speed up the learning curve of your IT teams.

  • Incorporate skilled tech talent into your IT teams for the tasks expected of their role.

incorporates taleto tech with alkemy

Methodology tested by more than 20,000 applicants

Based on your company’s Job-ready standard, our experts will co-create the best training experience.

Alkymetrics, our technology, will help us vet candidates capabilities based on the specific skills needed for the training.

Theoretical and practical leveling where participants explore, through synchronous and asynchronous classes, fundamental concepts of the specialty for which they were selected for.

Simulation of a real work environment where all the knowledge learned during Skill Leveling is applied.